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E-Commerce; Since its establishment, it is the main sector of Bati Teknoloji Electronic Trade Limited Company. 3 different e-commerce website to consumers and companies within Turkey and with the introduction of its sales portfolio consisting of the block. Some products began to be made with the arrival of export demand from outside Turkey.

In order to increase the business scales and to introduce new products to new customers, we created this site in order to introduce our corporate identity to all our customers.

Turkish export goods have changed over the years. Turkish goods can easily offered in EU countries and 120+ countries around the world. We also with the power of Turkey, a lot of advantages to our country, we are very happy to evaluate product and service sales.

B2C and B2B products, as well as high quality and competitiveness in all of our products, gives us the power to constantly innovate new products and markets.

To ensure that Turkish export goods are sold in higher quantities in different countries and the satisfaction of all customers from Turkish goods and to evaluate new opportunities in different countries is one of the values ​​that motivate us.

To increase the number of requests from different countries and the number of  turn sales are one of our priorities. The best known of the global trade center Alibaba.com that we are in too.

We are able to offer imported goods in a short time and can complete the sales successfully.

We export these sales on container basis or within micro export limits.

We are an e-commerce company engaged in micro export!

Micro export (e-export) products covered in the upper right corner of our online shopping store can see. We paid attention to the wide variety of products.

Except for some of the products in the online store, you can buy customs regulations and taxes according to your country and you can see all the processes and costs.

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction, Respect to Society, Respect to Human, The Right Product, Collaboration and Teamwork, Honesty and Innovation

Customer Rights

We believe that international trade is based on trust and quality. We are committed to fulfilling every promise. At Bati Export, we believed that our company and our customers were worthy of the best of everything. In order to offer even more excellent products, we have created our Customer Rights Manifesto for international customers in different countries.

Article 1: Our client is our most important asset.

Article 2: Our client is the person who is likely to earn or lose a new Client.

Article 3: Our customer is the person who needs to be identified with new products by determining his/her/companies needs.

Article 4: Our customer is the person who needs to be constantly satisfied after purchasing the product no matter what size.

Article 5: Customer Satisfaction is essential for making a difference, for standing in front of competitors, for growth and for profit.

Article 6: All Customers are entitled to receive quality products.

Article 7: Bati Export employees to create Customer Satisfaction Manifest , “Bati Export offers the product that suits my needs and provides the best conditions. In this process I have no problem.” is obliged to provide.

Article 8: All Customers are “Bati Export Customers”. Product quality to be offered to customers can not be compromised.

Article 9: Informing the customer in a timely manner about the order is the first condition of customer satisfaction.

Article 10: All Customers have the right to convey their questions and opinions about the products they use.